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  Project name:   A Sauna with a soul

  Company name:  Paul Johann Magnus - Arkitektur & Håndverk

  Project location:  Bergen, Norway

  Completion Year:  2018

  Other participants:   Lars Rumpel

  Photo credits:  © Lars Rumpel / Paul Johann Magnus



  设计公司:Paul Johann Magnus



  设计团队:Lars Rumpel

  图片来源:© Lars Rumpel / Paul Johann Magnus

  The small sauna was created during an exchange semester at the Bergen School of Architecture and was designed and built by me in cooperation with Lars Rumpel. The semester course, led by Marco Casagrande, dealt with traditional and engineered wooden architecture in Scandinavia. The idea of a 1:1 building was born on a field trip to Finland and got inspired by the examination and translocation of an old log house. The work on the project begun in October 2018 and was already tried out for the first time before Christmas by a local group of female winter swimmers “Lørdagspikene”, who meet every Saturday along the coastline.

  这个小型桑拿房由Paul Johann Magnus与Lars Rumpel合作设计并建造完成。设计者在芬兰的考察中诞生了设计这个1:1 桑拿房的想法。这个小屋主要服务当地每周六来海边的女性冬季游泳运动员们。

  100% wood - As a complete wooden construction, the building is intended to be a furniture and, therefore, uses appropriate joining methods. Instead of nails, screws and glue the main structure is kept together by wooden pegs, wedges and dovetail joints. The sauna consists of a closed core of freshly self-sawn boards, surrounded and stabilized by an outer frame structure made out of dry timber beams. These frames support the lightweight roof made out of reused corrugated metal sheets. The fresh boards are Norwegian pine from the nearby forest on mountain Fløyen. They were sawn into rough-cuts at the Architecture School and later mounted in random widths. The dry spruce of the external structure is standardized timber and also recycled material from a previous task.


  The rectangular floor plan is divided into an entrance area and the sauna room in a ratio of 1:2. The integrated seating and storage spaces on the outer structure offer additional qualities. An inviting entrance door with a small window leads to the changing room including hangers and a bench. A lower door connects the entrance room to the sauna, the low doorframe prevents hot air from escaping. This room is illuminated by two fixed windows and can be ventilated by the help of two ventilation flaps. One flap is mounted low behind the oven for sufficient oxygen supply and the other one is located on the opposite wall below the ceiling to regulate the exhaust air. The floor is made out of concrete panels which on one hand weigh the whole building down and also enable the water to seep through the floor. The L-shaped bench allows the seating on two different levels and includes the granite filled wooden stove. Furthermore, a stainless-steel pipe leads the smoke through the side wall to the outside.


  The building can be loaded onto a truck by a crane or a forklift and weighs less than a ton. Alternatively, to save space while transporting, it can also be demounted into individual wall-sections by removing the wooden nails.The design process combined traditional knowledge and craftsmanship but also an open experimental approach. Latest methods were challenged, and new solutions were found by trials. Therefore, the sauna can be seen as an experimental building which will provide further results and insights only as time passes.

  Nonetheless, the sauna inherits its own vitality, it also creates social life and, thus, preserves a soul.







韩国光教 Galleria 百货公司大楼

韩国光教 Galleria 百货公司大楼

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