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The 2010 “Yuan Ye Award”LA Competetion
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The 2010 "Yuan Ye Award "International Landscape Architecture

Graduation Project/Thesis Competition

  Time at our university was some of our most creative and enjoyable student years. This course of doing graduation project is a great start to your future career - check out what our graduates have studied in our university, which will helped us achieve our goals in the future.

  The "Yuan Ye Award " Competition supports and sponsors design competitions to contribute to the education of all landscape architecture students. Competitions offer an good opportunity to young graduates to show themself and receive acknowledgement of their work and design level. Furthermore, participants compete among students from a broad range of backgroud and are evaluated by diverse juries of experts. Competitions can also assist instructors with developing a repertoire of design challenges to use in studio courses.

  We strongly encourage graduates to participate in the competition to exchange with others.

    Submission deadline is June 30, 2010.

  Qualification for foreign students

  Graduating Student(undergraduates, masters and doctoral students)

  What we want

  Graduation Project and Graduation Thesis about landscape architecture.

  Deliverables - Submitting your entry

  • One image of per entry must be submit as an email attachment.
  • Images must be 2560 x 1600 JPEG images - at least 90% JPEG quality.
  • Graduation thesis must be submit PDF as an email attachment.


  Graduation project/thesis evaluated both by diverse juries of experts and voted online with the ratio of 7 to 3.


  • Award certificates and prizes.
  • Onlline exhibition and exhibition.
  • Publication of Award-winning projects and thesis.

  Contact us

  No.21 Sanlihe Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China  Tel:010-88361443

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